Hey, I'm Simona D'Isanto.

The founder of the 1:1 program Versione21.

I help those executives and solopreneurs with a somewhat saviour and perfectionist side, a monkey mind, often with a complex background. As a result, they find themselves exhausted, missing appreciation and undermined in their confidence. They want to meet everyone's expectations, but they no longer listen to themselves; they are under stress and often at risk of burnout.

When, then, a trauma of the past returns to the surface or new trauma, a disease or a personal or professional relationship problem shows up, they realise that they can't make it anymore.

I guide them to let go of the control, fears, anxiety, the overwhelm. I help them regain confidence in self-esteem, live daily life with more ease, be free again to be themselves, be well in their skin, light and serene in everyday life, with better objectives and more clarity.

I am an ex-executive with over 15 years of career in the corporate world. I'm an entrepreneur, a therapist internationally certified (psy & coach), a highly sensitive person, gifted and an introvert.

You don't have to go through it alone anymore; here is how I can help you:

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