Letting go of your overthinking, perfectionism, hyper-control to regain inner peace and life balance..

Versione 21

Are you looking for a new version of yourself ?
Are you an highly sensitive person?

 Versione 21 

As per numerology, the number 21 represents the rebirth i.e. the renewal, and the beginning of a new path full of optimism.


Through the synergic use of different recent brief psycho techniques, as N.L.P. , Emotional Freedom Technique ( also called Tapping) , Sophrology and Hypnosis, it is possible to understand and manage the emotions that are the biggest sources of your troubles and stresses and find a new prospective or rediscover a more positive and peaceful perception of both your internal and external world.


This work of internal research and personal development improves not only your psychophysics health and helps to reach your goals, but also makes you more confident in yourself and your abilities.


The word « versione » comes from Italian language and it means version.

In software language, when you update a software to add new functions or solve bugs of the previous version, it is practise to update the name version with changing numbers in progressive way: 2.0, 2.1, ... now I guess you have understood why the name « versione 21 » 


So what are you waiting for? Contact me and let's search together your new Version 2.1! ;)


Customised therapy as you are unique!

How overtake your actual suffering to your emotional balance

I developed a specific program to help those active women, in hyper control, with positions of responsibility, who have a somewhat saviour and perfectionist side, a monkey mind, often with a difficult background and who find themselves exhausted, missing appreciation and undermined in their confidence. They want to meet everyone's expectations, but they no longer listen to themselves, they are under stress and often at risk of burnout. .


When, then, a trauma of the past returns to surface or a new trauma, a disease or a personal or professional relationship problem shows up, they realise that they can’t make it anymore.

There, I guide them to let go the control, I help them to regain confidence, the self-esteem, to live the daily life with more ease, to be free again, to be well in their skin, light and serene in everyday life , with better objectives and more clarity.



Engaging you 100% with this therapy :

  •  You find your clarity and you can project yourself towards more serene , you gain your inner calm and an intense life

  •  You regain self confidence as you learn to love yourself and be aware of your needs , make them in words and make yourself listened 

  • You learn to let go your need of keeping everything under control, so that your monkey mind calm down  and you can get back a restorative sleep your concentration, et and why not, make your dreams true. 

  • You feel at your place, you respect yourself, you can listen to your limites  and you  can say "no " when is necessary as you feel confident and you trust in the others around you.

Why to choose me to accompany you.


  • I created this specific program because I've been there,too. I worked for more than 15 years in the automotive industry as a mechanical engineer and commercial Executive, hyperactive, always overtaking me, always helping everyone, always trying to be perfect. .

  •  I learned and trained several modern psycho-therapeutic methods from the best in France and England, which allow me to actively help people and to achieve meaningful results and in relatively short time.

  • I am certified and accredited internationally for every technique I propose, so my professional level of therapy is guaranteed by well-defined international standards, recognized, updated and regularly checked.

  •  My authenticity together with sweetness, my ability to listen without judgement and my profound intuition allow me to directly identify emotional blocks, customize exercises and techniques to give you answers, solutions going straight to the target.

  •  I consider every single person as unique , so it is very important for me to meet each of my clients individually during a "Discovery" session offered, to be sure that their problems, their needs, their expectations will be fully heard, understood and fulfilled by my accompaniment. .

  • The session " Discovery" will allow us to validate the fact that I am the right person for you, to accompany you towards balance and serenity in your life. .




About me

I did the career and study path that everybody was expecting for me due to my big passions for maths, engines and race motorbikes. I became Mechanical Engineer, with master degree and enrolled in the Bologna professional association of engineers, over 20 years ago and I successfully worked, over 15 years ,as Manager in technical and commercial area for big automotive companies (Ducati,  Maserati, Aston Martin, Volvo and so on).


I worked in Italy, then in Netherland, until Paris ( France) felt like the next place to be for my career. For 7 years I 've been working between there and Northern Ireland: I travelled for the most of the time, learnt different languages and cultures, had a great income and lived the life of my dreams.

Nevertheless, the more years went by, the more I witness burnout of smart, skilled people , panic attacks, debilitating illnesses, suicides and many injustices that deeply weaken  self-esteem and self-confidence, changing them forever and leaving unforgettable traces in hearths of friends and colleagues.


That's why my childhood instinct of helping others and protecting those in need, made a forceful comeback. Memories of when, without knowing why, I was overthinking ,trying to give explanations to several positive or negative behaviours  that I witnessed, while I was trying to help who I consider in need.

The passion for psychology and emotions was in me , without me being aware of it, it was in my acts, in my questions or in the books that unconsciously I was starting to buy.

Deeply and personally touched by my friends and colleagues events I looked for explanations to the same questions I had as child and I studied solutions and ways of recovering ,until the day where I realised that help others is what I want to do, full time.... I have abilities and still potential to develop and the executive life for which I worked so hard, for me has no longer  the same taste as before.


Now you know why my life is dedicated to the management of the emotions.

Simona D' Isanto

If you want to know more about my story, here an interview from Unmapped podcast

  • French national certification ( RNCP) in Sophrology with diploma at IFS of Paris ( ~400 hours) and registered at the Chambre Syndical de la Sophrologie in France

  • Certified with  ABNLP (American association for N.L.P.)  for N.L.P.

  • AAMET ( now EFT International ) Accredited Certified E.F.T. Advance Practitioner

  • Certified E.F.T. Advance Pratictioner (L3) in  Manchester (UK) with Tania A. Prince one of the 29 master founder, trained from G. Craig.

  • Diploma in IET -Integrated Energy techniques-  with Sue Beer and Emma Roberts (other 2 of the 29 master founders of G. Craig at the EFT Centre of London ( ~400 hours)  a unique training that mix elements of E.F.T.+ N.L.P.+  Ericksonian Hypnosis to give efficient results in resolving major traumas, addictions and fobias

  • Diploma in "Formation aux relations humaines et à l’écoute dans l’Approche centrée sur la personne" at ACP France ( Person Centred Approach)

  • Diploma in Practicien de la relation d'aide dans l’Approche centrée sur la personne" at ACP France ( Person Centred Approach)



Parallel activities

  • Former Member of the Steering committee of SOS HELP line,  (French national phone number for emotional support in English language for foreigners living in France and that do not speak French- equivalent of the UK Samaritans)

  • Former Training Coordinator of SOS HELP line.

  • Former Listener of SOS HELP line

  • Collaboration with CISUK English association that supports people with chronic illness  (such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgie, depression,...)

  • I'm attending the last year of  the 5 years European Diploma in PCA  psychotherapy (method Carl Roger) , at ACP France

Diplomas and  certifications ( within different countries as France, UK and USA) :


"Discovery" session

( 150 € offer )

I work with a limited and selected number of clients  for giving all my energy and availability. It is fondamental for both of us that this therapy is successful and for this reason we will start with a first contact for free, the online "Discovery" session,  of 30 min to 45 min .

During this session we will go through your actual situation , your past and all difficulties that prevent you from reaching a real balance in your life .


If at this point we realise that my program is not in line with your needs, I'll be totally honest with you as  my aim is your satisfaction .

to contact me for other than discovery session

Thanks! Message sent.

Contact Info


I mostly work through internet but I also receive clients at my practises in Paris:

17 rue de La Pompe, 75016 Paris (France), Line 9, station La muette chez Blisshome

Skype and Zoom

I will send you ID before the first session

I collaborate with the centre of accompaniment to wellness Au Feel de L'Eau a La Roche sur Yon (France)

I'm often in Bologna,  Rome and Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) in Italie and several other towns of Europe as London, Madrid or Geneve. On request I can attend other locations.



What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a psycho-physical method created by a neuron-psychiatrist, Alfonso Caycedo, in the 60's at the University of Madrid. He combined various techniques like yoga, western relaxation methods, Buddhist meditation and others all in order to treat depression an war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

This technique uses easy and light physical exercises and breathing work, that everybody can do without effort. Those exercises help the client to get back to” listen” to his body, get free from tensions and reach a relaxing state. At this point the client is ready for a personalised visualization during a light altered state of consciousness to consent a better assimilation of  the positive content .


What is E.F.T.?

E.F.T. Stays for Emotional Freedom Technique often called Tapping. Created by Gary Craig, E.F.T. Is a brief technique that works at the same time on thoughts, using different repetitive words, and the body with a light tapping on meridians.


What is N.L.P.?

N.L.P. Or Neurolinguistic Programming is an approach brief as the E.F.T. and Sophrology and, as them, it also works mostly with the unconscious mind. The N.L.P. uses the principal that we think about our experiences using representations ( called sub-modalities) that come from the senses as visual, hear and kinaesthetic . The awareness of those sub-modalities allow to cause changes in feelings and behaviours.



If all those technique are so effective can I stop medicaments?


All those techniques do not replace and medical treatments. In any case, you have to interrupt a medical treatment without consulting before your doctor, even if you feel better.

Are the sessions covered ?

Many medical schemes in France as in Switzerland  and other countries help with cost of one to one therapy sessions such as Sophrology for example.If you live in France do not hesitate to contact your "mutuelle" to verify if you are eligible for total or partial coverage of your sessions. If you live in other countries check with your private scheme if you are elegible for funding, I'll provide you a receive for each session.

Why all those  techniques?

Those instruments allow me to actively help and get significant results with people who get traumatic life experiences  of different entity (PTSD from physical and/or emotional abuses, aggression, accident, divorce, bereavement, etc.) or who are fighting with chronic illness (as cancer, MS, fibromyalgia, depression etc.), panic attacks, anxiety, burn-out, phobias, addictions (smoking, food, gaming, etc.), weight loss, personal esteem, personal confidence and so on.


Those techniques are of great help also for mental preparation of athletes, performers (such as actors, dancers, etc.) students preparing exams, driving licence exams, public speech, pre- and post-surgery and much more.