Highly Sensitive People: 5 Ways to Live Better When Lockdown Ends.

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If you are highly sensitive, particularly introverted, I suggest you "take the end of lockdown in small doses."
Starting with:
Only take short trips and hang out with 1 or 2 people at most... Your body is used to silence or calmer rhythms, going out already means confronting traffic with its noises, its movements and its stresses.
Meeting with other people, even with friends, will add a surplus of emotions, noises, energies.
So start with short trips and meetings with a few people, ideally limited to an hour, to get used to it gently.
Don't linger in the workplace any longer than you need to.
If you were in total stop and now you have to get back to the normal rhythm, if you worked online and now have to be back in the office, you have to adjust again to the stress of the place itself, to the colleagues you like or dislike, and to the workload left undone…...
You will also face a new challenge: getting used to the new constraints associated with the pandemic, namely the systematic use of gel, social detachment, the mask, and not to mention people’s attitude towards each other, in the face of this unprecedented situation.
Some, visibly concerned, will need to talk, complain or control everything. Others, on the contrary, will be in the mode of denial of the situation or will show an attitude such as "I am strong, I am young, I will not get sick, I am free". Maybe some may try to impose a hug, remove the mask as soon as possible or touch you on the shoulder as if nothing ever happened..
If you continue working online, it is imperative to impose a specific schedule and stick to it because it is very easy to slip working more than necessary, with the risk of finding yourself at the limit of burn-out a few months later.
Once your workday is over, stop reading emails and answering calls. Turn off notifications and switch your corporate phone to OFF mode, this will help you end your working day.
If you are a highly sensitive person, more than ever now, it is beneficial, if not necessary to listen to your needs, to know your limits and allow yourself not to exceed them.
If you have the opportunity, walk more on your way from work.
Replacing some subway stations with walking, could help you balance the stress of your travel and your working day, helping you to release tensions and move your body a little bit, especially if you can't use train every day (essential right now).
Dedicate at least one hour of silence a day, away from others and if possible, immerse yourself in nature or at least in a place that relaxes you.
The highly sensitive people give and spend a lot of energy. Like mobile phones, even of the latest generation, they need to recharge regularly.
If you can disconnect from your surroundings and digital tools even for a few minutes, steal a moment of silence to meet with yourself, your charging will be faster and deeper.
But above all, be kind, understanding and indulgent with yourself ... probably the way you usually treat with your best friends!
When you finalize a task or a project, even if you don't think it's important, congratulate yourself. If you make mistakes or feel tired, avoid judging yourself.
On the contrary, congratulate yourself because you have definitely done your best given the circumstances. Take note of all that is going well and all that makes you feel good to become aware and grateful at the end of each day.
Take care of yourself without neglecting the slightest detail and in 4 to 5 weeks you will have gone in peace through the ordeal of the end of the lockdown and perhaps you will have appreciated and integrated some principles of this routine dedicated to your well-being.
Proofreading by Raisa Nabila @makeway.id

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