Letting go of your overthinking, perfectionism, hyper-control to regain inner peace and life balance.

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 Expert in brief psychotherapies and high sensitivity
for active women, perfectionists, "professional overthinkers", who need to control everything, with leadership positions and sometimes very difficult past.

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Versione 21 :


ONE to ONE  Program of Psychotherapy, Coaching & Sophrology fully customised for you:

How to overcome your current struggles to regain your emotional balance & harmony

• You went through a shock, a past resurfacing trauma, a health problem, a personal situation that shatters and all your certainties are called into question. You think you can get by on your own and that everything will be fine. But, ultimately, you feel without energy, with confused ideas, and you struggle with your fears and anxieties.

• As a woman of action and perfectionist, in hyper control, you are torn between setting goals that are too high and a lack of self-confidence, which makes you think you will never reach your goal.

•You have a Monkey mind that causes insomnia, eating disorders, physical pain, and irritability that spoils your relationships.

• You forget yourself because your savior syndrome which helps everyone, meets the expectations and needs of others, becomes a burden, and you feel like you are not getting the recognition you deserve.

This support is fully personalized for you. I will guide you step by step, using simple and effective psycho-technics

You realize that you can't make it anymore! 

 By committing 100% to this program:

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You find clarity and you project yourself towards a more serene future, you find inner calm and the intensity of life 


You regain confidence in yourself because you learn to love yourself and to be aware of your needs, to formulate them and to make them heard.   .


You learn to let go of this need to be in control, which calms your mind and allows you to have restful sleep, regain your focus, and why not, make your dreams come true .


You feel in your place, you respect yourself, you can hear your limits and know how to say "no" when necessary because you trust yourself and you trust others .


                          Together we will release your new version of yourself! 



What would be different in your personal, professional and family life without your overthinking, your anxiety, perfectionism, or the need to be in control??

what your life will be like when you also are calm, clear, understood and fulfilled?

Get the above benefits and results without ..... 

Without losing time, money and feeling frustrated

I want to know more!

 Why choose me to accompany you ....

• I created this specific program because I've been there. I worked over 15 years in the automotive industry as a mechanical engineer and senior sales executive, hyperactive, always pushing myself over my limits, always helping everyone, always trying to be perfect.
• I have been trained, from the best in France and England, in several modern psychotherapeutic methods, which allow me to actively help patients and obtain significant results in a relatively short time. 
• I am certified and internationally accredited for each technique I offer, so my professional therapeutic level is guaranteed by well-defined international standards, recognized, updated and checked regularly.
• My authenticity combined with my gentleness, my ability to listen without judgment, and my deep intuition allow me to directly identify blockages to personalize exercises and techniques to provide answers, solutions that go straight to the point. 
 I consider each person unique, and it is important to me to meet each of my clients individually during a free "Discovery" session. So I'll be certain to fully hear, understand their problems and needs, and meet them with my program.
• The "Discovery" session will allow us to validate that I am the right person for you, to guide you towards balance and serenity in your life.

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Tailor-made support from 4 to 7 months to
free you from your overthinking, your emotional exhaustion and allow you to find harmony and inner balance

The program for you :


Initial Assessment

During the first session,together, we will go through all the aspects of your life to highlight your blockages - emotional or family, professional, social, health related.


We will identify the order of priorities of the struggles to be treated.

To allow you to feel the first desired benefits quickly and relieve you.


Initial emotional stabilization

We will start by working on the most urgent difficult situations and emotions,

First by containing the invading mind to open yourself up to the positive.


Emotional soothing allows you to release body tension, calm any physical pain, feel better in your body and get back to sleep and often allows you to find a healthier nutritional balance.


 Identification and awareness of deeper suffering


We will identify and work on the deeper sufferings, linked to your past and the basis of your discomfort,

to help you accept them, digest them, transform them and finally allow you

to approach everyday life with more lightness.


You learn to let go, to accept your past,

to live the present moment and live healthy and pleasant moments in everyday life.


 Limiting beliefs Transformation and work on trauma


We will cleanse and break the repetitive paths of negative thoughts and emotions  ingrained for years,

to modify disabling injuries and regain calm.


You learn to let go and accept your fears,

to live the present moment and live healthy and pleasant moments in everyday life, find

a calm mind, serenity and restorative sleep that gives you energy.




You come out of the fog,

to find clarity in everyday choices and actions and fully occupy your place.

 Emotional appeasement allows you to find harmony and balance in your family and professional relationships.

You dare to assert yourself and say "no",

so that everyone remains responsible for what belongs to them.

You finally manage to listen to yourself, to understand your needs, your values, your desires in order to make your own choices with full awareness and confidence.

Like you, I've been there.

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If you want to find emotional well-being in just a few months 

Two possibilities are available to you  :



 4-month follow-up

at the rate of one session per week lasting from 1h to 1h30, depending on the work to be done and depending on the need at the time (around 25 hours in all ).


 Personalised Exercises

to practice between sessions.


Emotion management tools

that you will find of use forever.


For each session

Notes of the most important points and exercises on a completely dedicated and secure platform..


7- month follow-up

at the rate of one session per week lasting from 1h to 1h30, depending on the work to be done and depending on the need at the time (around 37 hours in all with the Sophrology protocol).


 Personalised Exercises

to practice between sessions.


Emotion management tools

that you will find of use forever.


For each session

Notes of the most important points and exercises on a completely dedicated and secure platform.


1 Sophrology Protocol

worth 1,500 euros. Mental preparation or daily improvement on a particular subject from the 4th month (between 8 to 10 sessions depending on the subject)

The initial investment is 4444 €  for a 4-month commitment 

Different payment solutions are available. 

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 If after 4 or 7 months of support you do not have
found a lighter mind, better sleep or moments of calm and serenity, despite the constant application of all my exercises and advice, I offer you 1, 2 additional sessions. 


This privileged support

is for you

if you are ready to:

  • Invest yourself 100% in this program with a strong desire to find the best version of yourself.
  • Receive concrete solutions to get straight to the point, from an expert in her field whose approach is intuitive, who is listening, direct, always aware of the most recent techniques and committed to finding the keys that unblock you.
  • Assume 100% the woman who is in you and who asks only to shine.
  • Consistently apply each exercise and advice learned throughout this support.
  • Make a 100% commitment to discover the real yourself and live a more balanced and serene life.


This privileged support

is NOT for you

if you are ready to:


  • You are not ready to invest in a VIP Program, ‚Äč
  • You are not comfortable with my energy and the intuition that I will put into our therapeutic relationship.
  • You are not ready to review the way you are and act
  • You are not prepared to actively invest in the activities that I will offer you step by step
  • You are not ready to find at least an hour a week for our sessions and a few minutes a day to review the proposed exercises
  • If you buy training without taking action

 For this type of follow-up
I can only follow 8 people per month with this program. 

I might not have availability this month, but you get a waiting list instead of the initial questionnaire if you click the button to make an appointment. So please leave your contact details to be informed as I get an opportunity for you!

I'm Ready!

What a Client wrote to me recently:



I’ve been trying to find the words to thank you for weeks but words don’t seem to come out. 


As a sensitive person who cares so deeply about others, you’ve helped me see that choosing myself, putting boundaries in place, speaking my needs is the most important thing I can do for others. 


You’ve given me so many tools I can use when my old patterns surface and you’ve truly helped me find more of myself. I find myself knowing what I desire & going for it. I find myself wanting to please others & put them first - but choosing me instead &&& everyone benefiting. 


I could not be more grateful for your support as I grew my business to levels this year, I know it would not be possible without you. I have a deeper sense of purpose, a peace in who I am that I haven’t had before and an internal permission to check in with myself first. 

 I don’t know how I can say thank you in a meaningful way for the change you’ve helped me create in my life. 

I know that who ever has the pleasure of working with you is going to walk away a better, calmer version of themselves and honestly, that brings me so much joy to think about. 


We need more women who understand that our sensitivity to the world around us is not a burden by a gift. You helped me understand that my sensitivity makes me a great leader, mentor & coach. You helped me see my own worth & my own power. 


Im in tears as I write this because the person who I was when we started working together — is no longer who I am. Being supported by you has been an incredible experience I will always remember. 



I need this now!
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