V2.1  Create the life you want 

Free yourself from overthinking, overwhelm, frustration, emotional fatigue and  anxiety

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Do you not have a clear idea of what you want? 

Do you sincerely feel like you need to make a change? 

You are not the only one struggling with feeling overwhelmed, "different", not fully recognized for what you do at work at home.

You ensure that everything is perfectly done; you control all details, constantly improve your knowledge, control your attitude, and do what you think they want from you. But you feel that it is not enough.

You have a feeling of being inadequate or being a failure, even if, on paper, you might sound quite successful.

You discover yourself thinking over and over the same things to a point where you can't sleep, or you wake up in the middle of the night ( what you could have done differently, what you did wrong, what you should do, what they are going to think about you, what you should improve)

You feel that you have to change something ( maybe job or career, friends, lover) but you feel lostconfused, emotionally exhaustedyou don't know where to start or what to do because, in the end:

YOU DON'T KNOW what you want, what you need and who you actually are.


 that understanding how to appreciate myself was key to overcoming my pains   

We can be successful and fulfilled when we know who we are and how to handle our emotions and thoughts. 

Realizing that overthinking is a loss of energy, learning how to set our boundaries without feeling guilty.

Now, I'm on a mission to help others just like you to feel free, unique, powerful and proud of who they are!


It took me years and a considerable financial investment before finding the correct answers, the right keys and solutions that helped me recognize who I am, what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life.

I could tell you that I had a fabulous ah-ah moment that brought me to who I am today, but it has been a sequence of small ah-ah moments, a lot of deep work, most of the time not easy to handle.
I do not regret anything.
I learned so much and deeply, but I wished to find someone who could guide me easily to where I am today just in a few months, instead of losing years!

I feel finally "at my place", serein, calm, joyful.

I'm feeling free from that sense that "the time is rushing, passing by and I couldn't even catch it", or "not having a meaningful life", or "couldn't see myself with that person or doing that job for the rest of my life" or " embarrassed receiving a compliment" or " not being able to say NO when necessary" or" not able to ask for what I deserve and don't get it"

I'm no longer worried about the future or what people might think or what I've done wrong in the past.

So I created, a life-changing, four month-program "Versione21" for my 1:1 clients and ran it successfully for almost four years.

Now, I want to help more people.

I took everything I learn and my long experience with my individual program and I turn it into a game-changer digital program that is going to change your life.

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V2.1  Create the life you want 

Finally, STOP Overthinking, Overwhelm, Frustration, Emotional fatigue, Anxiety and Doubting yourself. 

START taking the right action to get you to feel calm, confident, fulfilled, ready for your next move. 


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  • Result # 1 You learn how to deal with your overthinking 
  • Result #2 You learn how to manage your emotions
  • Result #3 You learn how to say no and set boundaries
  • Result #4 You gain self-confidence and self-esteem  
  • Bonus A: Weekly  group connection sessions, so you know that you are not alone
  • Bonus B: An individual therapy session with me
  • Bonus C: private Facebook group to do this work with other minded people 

In the past, my Individual Program "Versione21"  helped kind-hearted executives of the corporate world and solopreneurs, highly sensitive, empaths, people pleasers.


Some got promotions. Others answered the call to change partners or change careers and create their businesses.

ALL OF THEMnow, know:

How to determine what their NEEDS are,

How to determine What they WANT,

What their unique LIMITS are and set them clearly,

How to feel their EMOTIONS,

How to take care of themselves daily, to be sure to show up best for themselves and the people around them,

How to deal with Overthinking and take clear and effective decisions.



NOW, "V2.1 Create the life you want"  helps you achieve the exact same results in your own life, with the community's support and my help!

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How to go through your Emotions and not Get Overwhelmed

You have a fully dedicated module to understand your emotions, learn how to accept, transform and integrate them. So you will be able to handle anxiety, fear, worries... and understand what there is behind

How to manage your Thoughts and avoid Overthinking

You find a fully dedicated module to work over your overthinking and inner critics with practical exercises video recorder, audio files and pdf checklists. This module, like the others, will be fully supported by other modules specific to release physical tensions, limiting beliefs, and increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.

How to know What you want, have Clear ideas and make Effective decisions

Another module entirely concentrates on helping you understand what you want, what you need without being affected by what you learned, what you believe, what you think that the other people expect from you. 

Happy being your authentic self  Is Possible!

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 I found back balance, serenity but above all, I could make peace with myself

Translation of the full testimonial: 

A huge thank you for everything I got and learned during those last few months...

Thanks to you, I found back balance, serenity but above all, I could make peace with myself...

Thank you is not enough. You are an extraordinary person, and I'm so happy I could meet you...

Highlight the knots that hurt me and get a compass in my life

 Translation of the full testimonial: 

A huge thank you to Simona, who has been able to meet me in my path and make me feel confident with generosity and intelligence.

With all the techniques she knows, she adapted to my needs showing me how free the blocks that were painful for me.

She's been my guide, and she left me an excellent GSP in my life. 

Gratefulness and deep joy

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The program will start on 7th December 2021, and doors close one week later.

I have only 12 spots available as I want to have the space and time to know and follow every participant.

You have time to enrol until 12th December, and then doors will be closed until the next rollout of the program.

During this Beta program, some modules will be recorded live and customised to the needs of the participants. That's why you must take this offer today! It's a unique opportunity!

The price will increase the next time I run this program, and the number of participants and my availability will never be the same!

Take immediate action!

I'm Ready!

If you want to go from Overthinking, Overwhelm, Frustration to Calm, Serenity, Clear mind so that you can be your True Self and create the life you want, this Program Is For You!

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TOTAL VALUE = (€2600)

Today's Price = €999 €555

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL -444€ until Sunday Midnight!

insert the CODE BF21 at check out

This price will rise next time I run the program!

Catch the opportunity NOW!



Top features

  • Program V2.1 CLYW (Value €1111)
  • Weekly live group call session (Value €999)
  • 2 free 1:1 therapy sessions with me (Value €360)
  • 45% coupon on 3 therapy sessions 1:1 with me (Value €243)
  • Dedicate Private Facebook group 
  • Lifetime access 
  • Phone App access



Top features

  • Program V2.1 CLYW (Value €1111)
  • Weekly live group call session (Value €999)
  • 1 free 1:1 therapy session with me (Value €180)
  • 45% coupon on 3 therapy sessions 1:1 with me (Value €243)
  • Dedicate Private Facebook group 
  • Lifetime access 
  • Phone App access 


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 I am fully confident that this program can make a difference in your life.

That's why, if after the first month of access to the course, after having sent me the assignment, completing the first 3 Modules with all exercises, showing up at the group calls, you do not see improvements, I will fully refund you.

Just send me a mail to [email protected] 

*I have anyway underlined that I can't guarantee the same results as all my previous clients because each person is unique 

Still not sure this is the right program for you? 

Let's discuss it!

Book a free call with Me 😊


Do you feel it is the right program for you, but you are struggling financially? 

Do not let this stop you; write me at [email protected] 

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