1- OFF 99€ Session

 How to convert your sensibility from a burden to a gift

to improve your professional and personal life

Feel like: thinking too much or too anxious or emotional exhausted?


Does it seem like everyone can cope with stress, except you?


You are always available for everybody, doing your best at work like at home, but you feel like your efforts are missing appreciation and you are losing confidence in yourself?


Well, I’m not offering you a magic pill or a miracle cure, but I can tell you what are the main aspects that you can review and transform about your attitude, your way of living, your eventual traumatic events, your limiting belief to achieve peace of mind and balance in personal and professional life in a short time, during a 1 - OFF Strategic 1:1 Session of 1 hour.


How would it be your life next year if you know how to feel much better about your sensitivity?


                                                 or click on this link https://bit.ly/2xHMWtw

I was like you and as a highly sensitive person and introvert.

It took me years to transform my sensibility from a burden into a gift. I couldn’t find anyone who could analyze me shortly and tell me from where to start to feel better.

Finally, I found my way, I learnt many techniques, I changed even career and created a specific successful customized program in 4 or 7 months that brings, step by step, my clients highly sensitive, overthinkers, perfectionists, hyper controller, anxious and at risk of burn-out to feel finally good in their shoes, to know what they want, to be able to say “No” when necessary, to use their sensitivity at their advantage and find peace of mind and balance in professional and personal life.


But, you might need just to know where you are at and where to start from, alone or with professional. That’s why I created this 1-OFF online 1:1 session at only 99 euro.

After the session, you receive a list of the highlights raised and the quick tips or exercises showed during the call, so you can start to apply them immediately.




                                                   or click on this link https://bit.ly/2xHMWtw


If you want to know more about highly sensitive people here an article from my blog: https://www.versione21.com/post/8-signs-you-are-a-highly-sensitive-person